NAHJ is outraged by Fox News Segment with Chris Wallace

NAHJ_FoxWallaceFox anchor, Chris Wallace summarized a recent survey by Los Angeles County estimating that undocumented parents would receive $650 million in government assistance this year. The report aired on Fox News’ “Special Report,” on September 19th according to Media Matters.

Instances like these are always disappointing.

There were many things wrong with this segment, beginning with the use of the derogatory term “illegal immigrant” and undocumented in the same breath as if these terms are interchangeable – of course they’re not. That inaccuracy was compounded by the use of a graphic that read “Children of the Corn”. There have been many speculations as to what this meant – but one thing is certain it invoked a negative image.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists has reached out to FOX News in an effort to get a better understanding of how this segment, riddled with basic misinformation and disdainful images made air. It is apparent that the segment went through many decision making filters who felt the finished product was editorially sound. NAHJ asks, “who are these journalists?” Experience has shown that most likely none were representative of the Latino community.

Mr. Wallace and editorial staff at Fox News listen closely. The economic impact of the Latino community is 55+ million strong. Many are  immigrants who are pumping nearly $1 trillion dollar into the U.S. economy. Stick to the facts.

Hugo Balta
President of NAHJ

Source: Media Matters “Children Of The Corn”: Fox’s Newest Undocumented Immigrant Smear

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